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jennifer &Tim Petersen for their testimo

We have been a Gan family for a little over 4 years and are new to The Jewish Kids Club this year. One thing that has always stood out over the years in this program is the constant, genuine joy and love the staff have for all of the children. As parents we all want amazing, creative & inspiring environments for our children to be able to flourish in. Gan Camarillo provides just that; along with activities done through a Jewish heart that fuel an even brighter flame of Judaism for our kids we couldn’t be happier!

At every age, in every stage, 

We are so grateful to have the community of Gan and all of its components here in town for all of our children to benefit. 


Jennifer & Tim Peterson

My son and daughter have had three years of experience at Gan Camarillo. 

The excellent leadership provides a never ending passion for Jewish Education, as clearly evident in the school staff and it’s curriculum/programs.

My kids have learned a huge part of how to be lights in the world through their role modeling and vision at Gan. They have learned so much socially by interacting with all of their classmates on a regular basis. 

They have the most brilliant, loving, & attentive Morahs. These are dedicated teachers that  invest a ton of time to educate and grow to love our children.  Amazingly, they each completely adapt to our individual  learning style.  They will do anything in their power to see my children & all Gan students succeed

My kids have learned immeasurable knowledge about Judaism, math, science, history, reading, writing (in both English and Hebrew), and art. One major way the students learn at Gan is through play. They learn how to be a person with integrity, manners, giving, sharing, and responsible tiny individuals. 

The Lang’s are people I’ve rarely come across in life. They go above and beyond to spread kindness, generosity, and knowledge.

Thank you Chabad and Thank you Gan Camarillo Preschool,

Kind regards,

Shari & George Gold

Parents of Saige & Evan


birthday and stahl testimonial .jpg

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in monumental changes to education throughout the world and in our little world in Camarillo, CA, it is not different.  Gan Camarillo, led by the tireless efforts of Leah Lang and her husband, has reincarnated itself to meet the challenges of early childhood education for basic skills as well as torah values and learning.


After closing the schools doors after Purim in  2020, the school and all of it's educators went above and beyond what would be expected to create weekly packages, zoom sessions, and organized lesson plans; all filled with fun, varying, and organized activities.  Not only were these packages available on Sundays, but the teachers drove to each student's house to deliver the bags, for the rest of the school year so the children could stay connected to the physical presence and energy of the teachers.

I recall one Sunday when my daughter's teacher, Morah Davina, drove all the way to the beach to meet us at our home.  I had forgotten about the visit and we went bike riding. Instead of leaving the package by our door, she drove down the street into a little beach neighborhood to meet us! Not only was she not upset but she took the time to speak to our daughter and really connect in the most loving and wonderful way.

This is a reflection of the caliber of educators, the commitment to torah learning, and  the genuine love that Leah has for all jewish children - which trickles down to everyone that works with her.

Once school had the possibility of resuming, Leah turned her attention to learning about the virus, setting up protocols for screening children upon arrival, procedures for parent drop off and pick up, cleaning and disinfecting, and most wonderfully, engaged all the parents in the community in eliciting feedback.

I was vocal and concerned due to the elderly community that we live with, work with, and is part of our support system.  Leah was patient and non judgemental and continued to address everything I said with seriousness and attention until I felt satisfied that all aspects of my concerns were covered.

Gan Camarillo is a true gem that shines a bright light on all children that attend. 

Naomi Stahl


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