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“When schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more.”
-From “A New Wave of Evidence”, a report from Southwest Educational Development Laboratory.
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Parent Involvement

A strong home- school connection demonstrates to children that we are all working toward the same goals and makes the lessons we impart at school even more significant and enduring.
Our children, teachers, and parents are all partners in the education and child development at Gan. It is important to us for parents to be both actively involved in their children’s development as well as being constantly informed of their children’s progress in learning and development. We encourage parents to be active contributors to children’s activities in the classroom and in the school, and we have an open communication policy between teachers, staff and parents.

Here are some of the ways we ensure that Gan Camarillo Preschool parents can be constantly involved in their child’s development:

Active communication between teachers and parents 

Our teachers are easily accessible via email or phone to discuss unique needs and concerns with parents.

Curriculum Night

The goal of this evening is for parents to connect with one another and have a hands-on experience on what their child will be learning throughout the year. Parents have always appreciated this opportunity to learn all about our unique educational philosophy!

Parent/teacher conferences

Parent/teacher conferences are available whenever a parent requests one. This can be via phone, zoom or in person. Our staff can be reached directly on whatsapp, or txt messaging out of school hours for parents to communicate regarding their child.

Parents can observe anytime 

Our classrooms are always open to parents. Parents can observe their child in class to see for themselves how their child is coping in school. Please schedule a time with the administration.

Parent Got Talent 

We warmly welcome parents to  come in and share a hobby or their occupation with their child’s class.

Weekly  Blog/Email

Every Friday our staff publish a blog post, which is a window into the classroom, reflecting the learning that took place that week. Their personal observations of the children’s discoveries, as well as the mindful curriculum that is prepared and facilitated throughout the week ​is shared through pictures and words. This blog post is printed and sent home with the children each Friday, which also serves as a concrete tool for parents to reflect on the week with their child, solidifying the learning and experiences that took place.

Photo Updates 

Throughout the week our staff post photos of the children’s exploration and learning during the day.

Special Events 

We cherish the warm relationship we enjoy with our parents that is regularly nurtured through our special programs like Holiday Recitals, Thanksgiving Feast, Model Matzah Bakery, Muffins with Mom, Graduation, to name a few.

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